Women in Tech – Your Skills are Shining

I recently started a job with a new company.  During the final interview round, I found myself sitting with the CEO.  Since I had been through multiple interviews with the search firm and members of his team, he knew I had the skills and the knowledge and the experience of leading IT teams, driving an IT strategy, working with vendors, and delivering on large programs.

His questions for me were focused on partnerships, collaboration, and engagement.

These are skills that women exceed at.  We use these skills every day at home and at work and we don’t even think about it.  We partner with other parents to transport our kids, we collaborate with neighbors to hold a pot-luck, and we engage children and parents alike in conversation to make them feel valued.

And so I found myself sitting in this final interview being asked about these very skills.  Questions about how I get work done, how I work with others, how I motivate and influence and support other people.  I dare say these questions wouldn’t have been asked 5 years ago, and certainly not when I started working 30 years ago.  Some people are getting it.  They understand we need people, and managers, and leaders who can work well with peers and bring their team along to get the most out of the overall effort and achieve the best outcomes.

Women in Tech – your skills are shining!


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