Women in Tech – Stay Connected!

Life is busy, to-do lists are long, and it’s easy to lose touch with people when you no longer work with them every day.

Tonight I caught up with a friend. She’s another woman in tech. We talked about work, and families, and ourselves. We talked about what makes a great place to work, and what we want out of our jobs. We’re both at a state in our career where we have choices and we want to work with people who are talented, and driven, and respectful. We also want to keep learning and influence change and make a positive impact on business outcomes and people we lead. We talked about technology, infrastructure, IT security, testing practices, and digital transformation. Of course we did because we love it!

We talked about how we met, and how we loved working together to drive a major change agenda because ego never got in the way of making decisions for progress.

We also reminisced about our time leading the Women in Leadership initiative for hundreds of women. We took away as many learnings from the question and answer period as the women did from our speeches. I’m now leading the Diversity and Inclusion committee for the company where I work. I know I felt ready for this based on the previous work I did with this friend.

We talked about current challenges we are facing and gave each other perspective. Don’t let the negative in your head. It didn’t earn that space in your brain.

We ate and laughed and walked outside since the weather had turned warm for a few hours tonight. And then we took a photo.

Girl geeks – take care of each other. Stay connected. You’ll never regret it!

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