Women in Tech – Stand Strong, Don’t Walk Away

Stand strong and be visible.  There are so many reasons to be discouraged by what you hear, what you read, and what you experience in technology today.

And yet, there is one reason to stand strong – because you want to be in Tech and you know you’re good at it.  Scratch that, girl geek.  If you’re in tech today as a female, you’re probably great at it!  If you were merely curious, or sort of good at coding, you likely would have opted out through the education, hiring, or early days of working in tech.

Great coders – those who ‘feel it’ – when the code doesn’t work, and then ultimately when it does, have so much in common.  This goes for men and women.  We all have the common desire to solve problems and create.  The most humble also have the trait of wanting to help others by looking for the elusive bug or syntax error in your colleague’s code help him/ her get over that roadblock.  These humble geeks care – about the profession, about the people, and about the results.

You can always find the other kind of coder – the bully, the sexist, the kind who believe the ‘club’ should be closed.  Spoiler alert – some of these people are actually women.  Women who had a hard time breaking in and want the women behind them to feel it too, and women who are afraid there are only so many seats at the table open to women and will (sometimes quietly) derail other women to secure or protect their seat.

Don’t focus on these people too much, but know they exist.

Seek out your positive, helpful, supportive colleagues and bosses and network. There are so many people in tech – men and women – who want to help with advice, and connections, and their time.

Girl geek – stand strong!  After all, if you walk away, who will help the next girl geek who was looking to be inspired by you?

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