Where are your Thanksgiving leftovers?


Where are your Thanksgiving leftovers?  This is not the question I expected to hear when going through airport security.

I went to South Carolina to visit my parents for Thanksgiving this past week-end.  It’s tradition, it’s heartwarming, and it’s a trip.  The date is not a surprise – the 4th Thursday of November every year – but my planning is not always done in advance.  This year, I booked the flights late and had a choice for returning home either early on Sunday or very late Sunday and picked the early flight.

This meant I was standing at the security line at 7:30 a.m. and surprised when asked the question – “If you were traveling for the holidays, where are your Thanksgiving leftovers”?  I smiled and raised my blue plastic bag, and said “They’re right here, my parents packed us a lunch”.  It was a delicious lunch they packed, complete with turkey sandwiches on fresh croissants (pictured above).  The guard, being more awake than I, wasn’t letting it go that easily.  He smirked and said with a twinkle in his eye “That small bag.  That’s a bit stingy, isn’t it?”.  We all laughed and wished each other a good day.

We continued the conversation and I learned he was rooting for South Carolina and his wife is a Clemson grad, so he had a tough night on Saturday listening to her celebrate.  I kept my opinion to myself that the Clemson coach could have shown some restraint and not tromped South Carolina 56-7.  Isn’t it old fashioned sportsmanship to let your second string (third string) in to play when the game is so clearly won?

I smiled thinking of the OSU win over Michigan since I went to OSU many years ago.  OSU won in double overtime (never happened before), there were questionable calls (always), and the Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after stomping around like a toddler and throwing his headset so hard onto the ground that it broke.  My dad rooted for Michigan because in his words “I don’t like how Coach Urban Meyer says ‘The Ohio State'”.  Okay Dad.  What a game.  What a week-end.  What a holiday.

Thanksgiving.  It can bring people together who would have never met before.  But only if you let it.  Enjoy your day girl geek.

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Erika McDonald says: Reply

    I was at the Penn State – Michigan State game, following the OSU game closely at the same time (big OSU fan). The Penn State fans went wild when their opponent OSU won. First time I saw a team cheering on their rivals so whole-heartedly. Its true … thanksgiving AND college football, can bring people together who would have never met before

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