Thursday Tech Talk – Deskside Support Experts

I got a new laptop yesterday. An excellent deskside support person came, delivered the laptop, set me up, and had me running in 15 minutes.

This is her job so maybe that’s not a big deal. The interesting aspects to me were these:
– she was extremely pleasant and personable
– she was effective and knowledgeable
– she taught me a few things without making me feel dumb
– she was a girl geek

I can’t remember the last time I had a technical support person help me who was a female. Yes, help desk reps, but not hands on deskside support people.

We’re establishing standards for devices and I’m testing this out as a small, lightweight option for heavy travellers like myself. I have 30 days to assess and make a decision.

Getting new equipment can be fun, or can be painful. This was an excellent, positive experience. I was inspired and smiled all day.

Well done, girl geek. Well done.

If you’re wondering…

Lenovo X280
Intel i7, 8th Gen
2400 MHz
17 hours battery life
12.5 inch screen, 2.9 pounds
And yes, that’s a built in webcam shutter 🙂

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