Thursday Tech Talk – Data Centre Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Do you have a data centre strategy?

If you work in technology at a tech company or the technology team supporting a business strategy, you should have a comprehensive data centre strategy. This will typically include Cloud, but not be only Cloud.

Have you ever had one of these conversations?

  • Do we need all of these data centres?
  • Why do we have data centres? Aren’t we in the Cloud?
  • Is there opportunity to outsource some of these services?
  • Are we in compliance with data security laws with our current data centre locations?
  • Do we have appropriate redundancy for our critical applications and services?
  • Why is this application down? I thought we had a DR plan.
  • Has this been architected, built, maintained as a hot / hot application or service?
  • The only person who knows those answers has retired.

These are just a few of the signs you’re in need of a data centre strategy. It’s easy to wave your arms and talk about Cloud, and get people excited about the future implementations. It takes a real leader to create and execute the strategy that defines the target state and a realistic roadmap to get from here to there.

It can be fun if you approach it right and engage your team. Step up, show your leadership, and develop that comprehensive data centre strategy! When you do it right, you’ll see how the Cloud integrates with everything else. Just like in real life.

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