Thursday Tech Talk – Application Strategy

Do you have an application strategy?

If you work in technology, either at a tech company or the technology team supporting a business strategy, you should have an application strategy.

Have you ever had one of these conversations?
– How many versions behind is okay for our software?
– I wonder where we can get parts for the infrastructure this old application requires to run?
– We can’t make changes to this application any more so we’ll have to create another application and integrate them.
– We have multiple applications that already perform that function.
– One business leader wants his own application that is a duplicate of something that exists because he hates dealing with shared services.
– We don’t know how many applications we own and there is no application book of record.
– The only person who knows that application has retired.

These are just a few of the signs you’re in need of an application strategy. It’s easy to talk about the new shiny technology and rally around a team to implement it. It takes a real leader to create and execute the strategy to address all the sins of the past.

It can be fun if you approach it right and engage your team. Step up, show your leadership, and develop that application strategy!

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