Thankful Tuesday – The Book is Launched!

The book is launched! Your Turn

It seems like just a few moments ago, but was in reality several months ago, Melody Adhami contacted me and asked if I would participate in a book idea she had. 150 strong women in Canada to give advice and inspiration to their generation and the next in honour of Canada’s 150th year.

A hard request to pass up.

And so I agreed to participate. Fast forward to tonight. The book launch party. And meeting Melody in person. And meeting many of the other 149 fantastic women who also contributed their wisdom to the book, and their family members, friends, and co-workers who joined us. I invited my husband to the event and he came knowing that he might be a minority in a room full of talented, passionate, and confident women!

It was a special night. For Melody, and all the women, and the book itself. And more importantly, it wasn’t just about one night. At this moment in history when there are stories every day of women being disrespected, what a feeling to bask in the collective strength and support of this group of people.

Well done Melody. Well done women. Not simply sharing wisdom and being in a book, but achieving greatness in your life that led to your connection to this book.

I feel blessed to share this moment with you.


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  1. Giulia says: Reply

    what a great story. Congratulations to you, Melody and the rest of the women who participated in the making of this book.

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