Thankful Tuesday – Serenity in Sturgis?

Serenity in Sturgis?  Three words I never thought I’d say.  Heck, I never knew what Sturgis was until 10 years ago and certainly didn’t think I’d go there.  More accurately, never thought I’d want to go.

I found myself agreeing, and then actually looking forward to attending the bike rally in Sturgis, South Dakota this year.  It was the 77th annual rally.

It all started with the first rally of 9 bikers and a race so long ago and has grown to an all-time high for the 75th anniversary of 739,000 attendees.  There are bikes and people everywhere you look, vendors hawking shirts and hats, and bikes for demo rides and bikes for sale.  And of course, food and beer.

We had great weather – the rain threatening every day but not really invading (okay, soaked us once) and the rally was fun.

So, where’s the serenity?  Oh yes…

I was fortunate to attend with my husband and 11 other members of his club.  And while the rally was terrific and Sturgis a sight to see during rally week, the riding…the beautiful riding was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The views, the history of the area, Mt. Rushmore, the eye of the needle, the Badlands (as fun to say as it is to ride), Spearfish Canyon, and Needles Highway.

I felt like an honorary member of the club being treated to a secret world of twisties, wind rushing past, beautiful sights, and camaraderie over dinner after each tiring day.  I could never find the words to thank this crew of hardcore riders for generously sharing Sturgis with me so I’ll try with photos.

When you’re on a road that twists and turns for miles on end and then arrive at a sign that says ‘caution, tight turns ahead’, you know you’re in for something special.  Leaning into the curve and enjoying the sensation is the prelude to opening up after the curve and being presented with a visual feast of rock formations, waterfalls, and wildlife.

South Dakota. Where they planned the views, and then built the roads to present them at the perfect angle. Literally.  How could you not find serenity in that?

May all you girl geeks enjoy vacation this summer and find your own inspiration for serenity.

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