Thankful Tuesday – Preparation

Today I had to give a 10 minute business presentation. It wasn’t long, but it was extremely important to convey knowledge and confidence and leadership. I spent approximately 12 hours preparing for the presentation. Not preparing what to say, but preparing myself with knowledge and details and facts and emotions about the topic so when I spoke it would be valuable.

– What are the key messages?
– What are we worried about?
– What do we know?
– Who do we need to help make it successful?

12 hours. To present 10 minutes. 30 words. One slide.

I prepared. I presented. I fielded questions. And I was done in 11 short minutes.

Anyone can talk for a long time on an important topic. And present a lot of material.

It takes work to be succinct.

I am thankful to my team for all the prep work we did. It was worth it.

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