Thankful Tuesday – Peaceful Workspace

Workspace – space used or required for one’s work, as in an office or home.

Today I am thankful that although I have to do some work after hours, I found this beautiful workspace to use.  Travelling for business, staying in hotels, and missing the comforts of home can be draining at times.  Instead of sitting in my office at work, or sitting at the desk in my hotel room and feeling tired of handling paperwork, I decided to sit outside and work.  Reading documents and managing email felt so different.  It was a quiet space and the weather perfect for sitting outside (in the shade).

I also realized I am feeling more creative and my mind is flowing in better ways than normal.  I’m inspired and motivated.  Is it the peace… the comfort… the time of day… the warm weather and sunshine… ?  Maybe a bit of all these factors.  And I’m sure one other reason is I made a choice – to sit and focus, to enjoy my surroundings while working, and to set a cut off time when I would wind up the day and head to the gym.  When I work in a hotel room, it’s hard to cut the work off so I’m enjoying many benefits and a positive sense of perspective.

Our surroundings – the space and the people – matter.  Make good choices girl geek!

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    Wow, even more evidence that your thriving, not just working. Wonderful to see because life is too short and we spend way too much time at work! Enjoy this beautiful day…Kate

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