Thankful Tuesday – A Surprise View

What a cold day! I woke to the cold and was grumpy when I looked at my calendar and realized I would be walking in the cold several times today. I had a scheduled lunch meeting that on a normal day would involve a nice 10 minute walk and I would enjoy getting some steps in mid-day. But the cold temps and the wind chill of about -20C was a shocker to the system.

I didn’t want to cancel and so off I went. I left a few minutes early so I would have time to warm up before the meeting. When I arrived, the lobby of the building was beautiful but dark. I had never been to this restaurant before and was told it was on the 44 floor. I headed for the elevator and up I went.

As the elevator doors opened, the light on the 44 floor was the opposite of the experience on the main level. 3 sides of the restaurant were windows and the light was streaming in. The view was stunning, my mood was lightened, and I felt fortunate to experience this moment of quiet, beautiful peace.

The meeting was productive, the food delicious, and once again I realized there are so many aspects of my life to be thankful for even on a day that starts out on a challenging note. Look for the different perspective.

44th floor – view of the ice on Lake Ontario and the CN Tower peeking in the window too!

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