Technology and Travel

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If you travel anywhere these days, you most likely use technology to make plans or process your transaction.  From searching for flights, to checking commuter train schedules, booking a train ticket, printing a boarding pass, and communicating your arrival time to a loved one.

I was reflecting today how integrated technology is with our daily life and our vacation planning.  There was a time we’d go to the train station and book a trip, or visit a travel agent to pick up a book filled with vacation destinations and prices.

Remember calling (long distance, make it quick) to tell parents you would be flying in and ask them to pick you up?  And when loved ones were away, you hoped they were fine and would hear about the trip when they returned.

As a mom with a daughter who has wanderlust, I’m happy to have the ability to communicate in real time without too much effort.  I’m also appreciative of being able to decide on a last minute vacation, check out some options, and book it all in one day.

Technology has made a lot of planning and communicating around travel easier and less time consuming.  It’s also raised our expectations.  As a person who’s worked in the technology field all my life, I am keenly aware computers for the most part do what we tell them to. So I find it interesting when something goes wrong in a transaction and the person says to me ‘these darn computers’.  I think about how the user interface or the algorithm or the search could have been enhanced to make the process better.  But I simply smile and say ‘I know. Seems like they’re running the world’.

The power of technology. Travel will never be like it used to be. Let’s just hope great leaders and awesome coders will continue to push and make it all it can be.

Have a great trip today, whether local or far away. And thank those computers when you get there safely.




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