Sitting on my coffee?



I’m just sitting on my coffee today.  What?

I decided to take a different route on my walk to work today.  I often think that walking from the commuter train (GO Train) to my office can become repetitive resulting in my brain zoning out so I create these challenges of new paths for myself to shake it up.

Today, it was a simple matter of heading left instead of right and wandering through an area of Union Station where I typically don’t walk.  I was happy I picked today as I saw an exhibit that will only be set up for a few weeks.  The exhibit was showcasing the winners from a competition run by the DX organization which is a not-for-profit museum dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence and preservation of design heritage.

This design competition challenged entrants to create a sustainable, aluminum structure to encourage the recycling of Nespresso capsules.  The result was multiple colored “chairs” that allow people to congregate and chat, relax and reflect, while sipping coffee or not.  They can be easily moved allowing more people to join the conversation.

On this day, there were no people around to chat with me but I did sit for a few minutes, reflect on my day ahead, and ponder the person who thought of an idea to make these odd shaped structures that are actually much more comfortable than they look.  I read the signs and also checked out the website.  I wasn’t completely clear in the end if my assessment was accurate, but this is what I took away – Nespresso capsules that could be seen as bad for our environment can be re-purposed to create interesting and colorful chairs.  The result – you can drink your coffee and comfortably sit on it too.

I was inspired and appreciated the innovation, the technology, and the risk involved in this creation.

Girl Geek – did you find any treasures on your travel to work today?  Share a comment on one unusual find.


For more information, check out the website.

~ Kelley



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