My daughter broke my cheek bone!

My daughter broke my cheek bone!

This thought went through my head as I saw the strike come at me and heard the crack of her elbow making contact with my face a split second later.

Within a minute my next thoughts were, in this order…
– How did I miss blocking that strike?
– I don’t think it’s actually broken.
– She is fast!
– What a day for this to happen.

The day started full of promise. I asked my daughter to spend the day with me to fill my heart, help me prepare for my upcoming martial arts evaluation, and start our new blog – girlgeeklikeme.

We live in different cities and we’re both busy so we have to plan to get together. I didn’t know how she’d feel since we had a window of 24 hours and I had a lot of ideas for our day. She agreed, I picked her up at the Via Train station, and we were off!

The strike occurred in our 2 hour private lesson with Chief Daniels. We’ve been training with him for 10 years and this session was a challenge for me to review and execute the 36 self-defense moves that I’ve learned over the years. In addition to executing all moves on Emma, she was to execute them on me. After 90 minutes, the exciting move occurred where she executed a strike, I missed the block, and everyone heard the cracking sound.

I’m happy to say I was not seriously hurt except my pride.

And I felt in the most humbling way that although I am a solid planner and I love spending time with my girl, you can’t control everything.

It appeared to be the perfect lesson for this day when we agreed to launch our blog together. A gentle reminder that at times we are the teacher, and at times we are the student. In our world of technology today, it is often possible to be both at the same time.

And with that thought, girlgeeklikeme is officially launched.

~ Kelley

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