Leadership Thoughts – Weight

Leadership Thoughts – Weight

Have you ever thought about your day and felt heavy?

You know what I mean; a lot on your mind, problems that need solved, calls to be made, tasks to be done, wrongs to be righted. There are times we see situations in our day and carry home a burden. This normal reaction is good when the thoughts and deeds we carry in our head matter, and are time sensitive, and… are ours.

“I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry.”

– Aditi

For those times you find yourself carrying thoughts and deeds that aren’t yours, try separating them into the action required (someone else’s action) and the empathy or support you want to convey (your action).

This small change could help you to stay connected while feeling lighter at the end of your day.

Girl geek, you can do it.  May you feel a spring in your step and think of me.

~ Kelley

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  1. Sudhish pathuppilliath says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Kelley. This is a great tip to empty the work related stress baggage.

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Happy it resonated with you Sudhish. Walk lighter today!

  2. Laura says: Reply

    Well, all I can say is read that on the right day. Thanks for that important message and also the conversation earlier. It sure helps to put that burden/load into perspective. I especially like the action versus empathy ownership distinction.

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Happy to help Laura! You’ve got this, girl geek. You’re definitely on the right path.

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