Leadership Thoughts – Priorities

Leadership Thoughts – Priorities

We all have a lot to do. We make lists, plan our days, and take action. We may even define our priorities.

You feel good when you check things off your list. But do you focus on the priorities when deciding what actions to take next? Or do you focus on the easiest item on the list?

Today when you are deciding the next thing to do, remember that a good feeling of checking an item off the list is magnified when that item is one of your defined priorities. Completing a term paper, writing a business proposal, or finishing the code for an assignment at school or work will feel fantastic.

There are times when your energy is low and you need a quick boost. These are the times that you should attack those smaller items on the list – return a call, tidy your desk, or review the list of defects to decide which ones you own. In this case, finding a quick win to kick-start your energy can actually be seen as the priority for that moment.

‘Action expresses priorities.’
Mahatma Gandhi

Let your actions, not your words, demonstrate your priorities to yourself and those around you. You’ll get more things done of value and feel better at the end of your day.

Girl geeks are capable of focus and execution. Let’s get to it.

Have a great week.

~ Kelley

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