Leadership Thoughts – Personal Vision

Leadership Thoughts – Personal Vision

I attended a conference where we watched a video by Dewitt Jones titled “Celebrate What’s Right With The World”. It was a tremendous video with a strong message leaving many feeling inspired. He said these words that touched me.

Do you have a personal vision? Not just for your organization, but for yourself? A vision you can put into six words that you can say every morning and know what drives you. Because when the vision is clear, then passion and creativity are there as well.

And I sat there, and the words hit me. They were inside rattling around all the time, and when he asked the question those words wanted to be heard. Some context:

  • I’ve carried a card around for many years with one word on it – Influence.  This is to remind me of the importance of influencing positive change through my actions with family, friends, co-workers, and people I meet.
  • I believe in actively thinking about what we are thankful for.  I had my children keep ‘thankful journals’ when they were young, and I try to take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on what I am thankful for that has happened that day.  Big, or small, it lifts me up to focus on the positive and there is always a glimmer of positive even on a very bad day.

So here’s my personal vision. The words don’t want to sit only in my head.

Influence Positive Change and Encourage Thankfulness

Simple? Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

So now I ask …do you have a personal vision? Think about it.

~ Kelley

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  1. RL says: Reply

    Thank you for the surfacing the subjects of a personal vision and passion. We are usually drowned in our daily tasks so much so that we don’t stop to think of these things.

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Thanks for the feedback RL. You are right, it’s easy to let the volume of tasks on our plate become overwhelming if we don’t have that personal vision to ground us.

  2. Lorraine says: Reply

    What I Do Today Matters Most

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      That’s a great personal vision! And sure helps emphasis focus on deciding what to do each day.

  3. VK says: Reply

    One of our leaders once said that in the absence of vision, points of views various parties have are merely arguments – same applies to personal vision. Kelley thanks for raising this thought via your blog.
    To share with Kelly and followers – my vision statement is “Realize, Create and Beautify”, I believe relevance of this thought will grow as IT becomes more and more intertwined with Internet of things and Digital.

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  5. Anonymous says: Reply

    Hi there, I enjoy reading through your post about personal vision.
    I like to write a little comment to support you.

  6. Debra says: Reply

    I have always had a personal vision. It’s a bit longer than 6 words but if I had to only use 6 — I choose and share joy everyday

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