I’m lucky enough to call my roommate my best friend

My university roommate is my best friend in the whole world, and for that, I am so lucky.

We’ve lived together for four years and unfortunately, that ends come September. So, for that reason, I decided to write this post dedicated to being and having good roommates.

There are some people in the world who you know automatically that you could not live with; maybe they’re too messy, or always stay up until 3am and you’re a neat freak who goes to bed at 10 every night. That’s okay. Those people make fun friends and you don’t have to live with people you don’t want to.

On the other hand, there are people who you know would be okay, probably even pleasant as a roommate. Maybe you share a schedule and can imagine yourself sharing the responsibilities of chores and picking up milk at the store.

My roommate, Lynsee occupies a very rare, third tier.

She is not only a roommate but my best friend. We exist in a perpetually hectic life. We attended the same university and yet have completely different lifestyles. She studied Life Sciences and I studied Computer Science and so we spent many nights having to explain even the most basic components of our field to each other. We work completely different hours with her 9-5 causing her to sleep on weekdays long before I finish my shifts as a waitress. Her belongings all have a home, a dedicated shelf and labelled container. My room fluctuates from organised chaos to absolute disaster zone. Somehow, we make it work.

We’ve carved out a great life – one where she remembers Monday’s are garbage day and I kill all the spiders. I make dinner and she washes the dishes. Together we have turned even the most disgusting student houses into homes.

Looking back over the past four years of living with Lynsee I’ve realised the reason we work so well is simple – we respect each other and each other’s space. And, there is trust – we trust each other to pay the bills, to borrow our clothes and not ruin them, and to do simple stuff like lock the door. Additionally, of course, we have fun together.

So, how do you find yourself a great roommate? Think about the people in your life – who  would you call if you got sick and needed someone to make you a tea or some soup? Who would you invite to a party or on a night out? Is there someone you can imagine sitting in silence with for hours? Did someone come up in every one of those scenarios – because if so, it’s probably that person!

Coming home should feel comfortable. Find someone you feel comfortable with and enjoy.

Girl geek, if you’re lucky you will find your Lynsee, someone who is not only a roommate but a best friend and basically a sister.

~ Emma

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