How could I be missing Abs Month?

Kelley's push-up

How could I be missing Abs Month?


October was Abs Month in my martial arts class.  Every day I could feel the burn, and I silently wished the end of the month would come quickly.  Silently, because if you complain about anything in martial arts classes you will typically get more of what you complained about.  All in your best interest to encourage appreciation of the muscles you are building!

I walked into my first class of November and heard these words – Push-Up Challenge.  What?  Did I hear that right?  Abs Month is over and we are now facing Push-Up Challenge November?  I thought I heard “1,000 push-ups”, but my brain wouldn’t take it in.  That sounds ridiculous.  1,000 push-ups?  Who thinks up these crazy things?

My brain went to the moment earlier in the day when I thought I was facing a tough meeting and decision at work.  Every meeting, every decision, every report I’ve had to write now seems easier compared to push-up challenge.

I’ve had a long and colourful history with these push-ups.  I was hesitant to join martial arts 10 years ago because I had heard about the push-ups.  At that time, I couldn’t do one!  Seriously, not one.  The grand master encouraged me to join, informed me that white belts aren’t expected to do everything, and you can do as much as you’re able as you learn to do more.

I did learn to do them, but they weren’t pretty.  (Push-ups with knees on the ground are not allowed)  My body looked like an inverted V with my hands and feet on the ground.  After many years, I made a personal goal of being able to execute one ‘perfect’ push-up.  Body in a straight line, elbows under shoulders, and lowering myself to the ground in a controlled manner.

I haven’t achieved nose touching the ground, but I have made a ton of progress. *** Photo included above, what do you think? ***

Add your comments – am I making good progress?  Are you able to do push-ups with good form?  Would your brain freeze as mine did if you heard 1,000 push-ups?

I’m done with 250 after 3 classes so it feels achievable now.  I wonder what’s coming in December!

~ Kelley

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  1. Suzanne says: Reply

    Looks perfect to me Kel!

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      You’re too kind Suzanne! Not perfect yet, but I’m still working on it.

  2. Irene Thomas says: Reply

    Impressive – not an easy feat – amazing what one can accomplish with mind over matter! Great form!

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Thanks Irene! I never thought I’d get this far. One day at a time and we can all accomplish more than we think.

  3. Marcia Boafo says: Reply

    Impressive, Great form! But, push ups, any push ups, never mind 1000, are completely out of my target scope right now. SIT UPs, now that is a target I am interested in tackling for the immediate future. Challenge accepted ! – but 1000 may discourage me. I will slowly work up to that number.

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Marcia, I’m sure you could do it if you tried! You are tough in so many ways. SIT UPs are a great challenge too. Check this out –

  4. Maryam Ghiai says: Reply

    Looks perfect. I cannot do even one of these, big sigh….

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Thanks Maryam, It all starts with a decision to try it…or you could try the SIT UP challenge with Marcia. 🙂

  5. Deb Ghosh says: Reply


    ———– Ground

    That’s my electronic version of High 5.

    Seriously, that’s awsome!

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Thanks Deb. I loved your electronic HIGH 5. Very innovative!

  6. Piotr Kasinski says: Reply

    Impressive! Congratulations Kelley 🙂
    A good illustration of tackling monumental challenges in manageable pieces.

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Thanks Piotr. I agree, manageable pieces is good advice for many areas of our lives!

  7. Colin Liu says: Reply

    Hi Kelley!

    I’m just a contractor at TD but I’m glad I’m on your mailing list. Your blog is a good read, and you also inspired myself and a friend of mine to do the 1000 pushup challenge! Of course I’m starting late so I’ll have to do some catch up, but keep it going and lets all make it to 1000! 🙂

    1. Kelley says: Reply

      Thanks Colin! I am so happy to have inspired you and a friend. Check in after a few weeks and let me know how you’re doing. A 30 day goal sounds so much nicer than an annual plan so I’m thinking it’s the way to go for other things I want to accomplish.

      1. Colin Liu says: Reply

        Hey Kelley, just under a week left! Hows progress? My friend and I are still going strong with the pushups 🙂 We’ve missed a day once or twice, but would make it up the next day. Are you finding it easier to do it each day? Almost there!

        1. Kelley says: Reply

          I did make it Colin! It got a bit easier over the month, but still very challenging right up until the end. I have to say when he told us to do fist push-ups, I just kept right on doing regular ones. And I didn’t feel bad at all. Keep up the great work you’ve started!

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