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  • Women in Tech – Be Fierce and Fabulous!

    A message from me to men and women on International Women’s Day –

    “Be fierce in your support of strong women, and relentless in backing the delicate ones so that they may find their personal strength”.

    Many thanks to my parents for inspiring me and giving me perspective as I reflect on this day. Thanks to my father for telling me I could do anything I set my mind to, and my mother for showing me the way.

    For all the women in tech – be fierce (showing heartfelt and powerful intensity), and fabulous (extraordinary and wonderful). Notice that neither of these means you need to be loud or aggressive. Be you!

    We’ve come so far, but we’re not done yet.

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  • Thankful Tuesday – The sign of the line?

    Thankful Tuesday – the sign of the line?

    Did you ever stand in line and feel thankful? I did today and let me tell you why.

    I am attending an IT conference for CIOs. The attendees are all senior executives in technology – about 900 men and women – and there are short breaks between sessions. During the last break, I found myself standing in a line for the women’s restroom. And I realized I was smiling at the prospect.

    Imagine being at an event for senior IT executives and there are so many women there is a back-up and a line. Wow! I’ve attended at least 15 of these type of conferences over the years and this hasn’t happened to me before. So many women, so many leaders, so much progress. And so many role models for young women joining the technology career path.

    Back to the sign. What is the sign of the line? We’ve come so far, but we’re not done yet!

    Oh yes, the photo. They also had muffin tops for snacks. Another reason to smile. Am I on Seinfeld?

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  • Thankful Tuesday – Provoking Thought

    Interesting that when we think of the word “provoke”, we often think of the negative definition of the word as in “deliberately make (someone) annoyed or angry”.

    And yet, “provoking thought”, or the commonly used term “thought-provoking” causes us to think of the positive definition – “contains interesting ideas that make people think seriously”.

    I traveled to a new destination and attended a summit for two days this week that was very thought-provoking. A room full of CIOs discussing areas of opportunity and areas of concern, in a safe environment where we could learn and question and share. And for a person like me who is an introvert by nature, there is the added challenge of consciously putting myself into a situation where the value I get will be dependent on actively approaching people I never met before. I agreed to participate in a ‘meet the press’ style presentation on stage to ensure I wouldn’t back out of attending. There was nothing to gain except knowledge and nothing to lose except time.

    Topics included digital disruption, cyber-security, vendor management, IT talent, AI and machine learning, and agility.

    I came away with interesting ideas, serious thoughts, and some new professional connections. I met CIOs from companies across the country who I wouldn’t have run into if I hadn’t taken the time and pushed myself to attend and interact. I was inspired by the conversations and by the expertise in the room. So, I guess there was nothing to lose after all.

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  • Thankful Tuesday – A Surprise View

    What a cold day! I woke to the cold and was grumpy when I looked at my calendar and realized I would be walking in the cold several times today. I had a scheduled lunch meeting that on a normal day would involve a nice 10 minute walk and I would enjoy getting some steps in mid-day. But the cold temps and the wind chill of about -20C was a shocker to the system.

    I didn’t want to cancel and so off I went. I left a few minutes early so I would have time to warm up before the meeting. When I arrived, the lobby of the building was beautiful but dark. I had never been to this restaurant before and was told it was on the 44 floor. I headed for the elevator and up I went.

    As the elevator doors opened, the light on the 44 floor was the opposite of the experience on the main level. 3 sides of the restaurant were windows and the light was streaming in. The view was stunning, my mood was lightened, and I felt fortunate to experience this moment of quiet, beautiful peace.

    The meeting was productive, the food delicious, and once again I realized there are so many aspects of my life to be thankful for even on a day that starts out on a challenging note. Look for the different perspective.

    44th floor – view of the ice on Lake Ontario and the CN Tower peeking in the window too!

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  • Thankful Tuesday – The Book is Launched!

    The book is launched! Your Turn

    It seems like just a few moments ago, but was in reality several months ago, Melody Adhami contacted me and asked if I would participate in a book idea she had. 150 strong women in Canada to give advice and inspiration to their generation and the next in honour of Canada’s 150th year.

    A hard request to pass up.

    And so I agreed to participate. Fast forward to tonight. The book launch party. And meeting Melody in person. And meeting many of the other 149 fantastic women who also contributed their wisdom to the book, and their family members, friends, and co-workers who joined us. I invited my husband to the event and he came knowing that he might be a minority in a room full of talented, passionate, and confident women!

    It was a special night. For Melody, and all the women, and the book itself. And more importantly, it wasn’t just about one night. At this moment in history when there are stories every day of women being disrespected, what a feeling to bask in the collective strength and support of this group of people.

    Well done Melody. Well done women. Not simply sharing wisdom and being in a book, but achieving greatness in your life that led to your connection to this book.

    I feel blessed to share this moment with you.