Can you bond over a toothbrush?

Can you bond over a toothbrush?  What if it had a sleek black carrying case for travel and a platinum timer that smiled at you just for brushing two minutes?  🙂

Oral B 7000 by Braun

I never would have thought this was possible until it happened to me.  I was on a business trip in India talking to someone at a dinner that I didn’t know well.  We were discussing business travel and the different items people take with them to be comfortable.

I mentioned that I often packed my electric toothbrush even though it meant needing to take the charger and a converter when travelling for extended periods of time outside of North America.  My dinner partner said he did the same and mentioned that he had an Oral B toothbrush.  I laughed when we realized we had the same one, and then just for humour mentioned they launched a new ‘black’ model toothbrush that was interesting, but certainly not necessary.

When he responded that he had been looking at it, and trying to determine how to justify purchasing this new, sleek, upgraded model just because it looked amazing, I knew I’d made a friend.  I love the fact there are teams designing not only this awesome look, but also the technology for the toothbrush functions, and the timer, and the bluetooth app that lets you see your brushing patterns.  Is this all too much?  Maybe, but it’s fun.

This week (two years after the conversation) as Braun has launched the black model in the 7000 series (with 7 functions that I’m sure I need to have!), I was reminded of this encounter in India.  It brought back memories of travel, and comfort, and making new friends.  Now isn’t that worth the price of a toothbrush?

So, girl geek, can you bond over a toothbrush?  I dare say “yes”!

Oral B 7000 by Braun

What unusual item do you take with you for comfort when you travel?

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  1. Suzanne says: Reply

    Interesting! And I am sure Sue, as well as myself, are glad to see you don’t skimp when it comes to oral hygiene 😬

    1. Sue Crowther says: Reply

      I concur whole heartedly!!! Love this and oral b is the best!!!

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