Are you in? International Women’s Day

Are you in?  Today is International Women’s Day and I challenge each of you to take one action this week.

I spent the early hours of this morning being inspired and impressed and motivated.  I attended an event called “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” hosted by Jos Schmitt of NEO Exchange.  There was a buzz in the air with approximately 100 people in the room – women and men – with one common goal of supporting women’s equality.

I reflected as I sat there on my good fortune to attend such an event.  My typical Wednesday morning would have been dedicated to meetings on budgets, and projects, and team needs. All important and all interesting, and all of these activities in my day to day work life include intelligent women and men.  I feel blessed that I work in an industry and company that believe in the power of diversity.  Diversity of people, of thought, of styles.

And yet, I sat there knowing that having people come together for the Ringing of the Bell events hosted by 40 stock exchanges around the world, and countless other events and committees collaborating today to celebrate International Women’s Day is both a signal of the need, and a testament to the passion of people who want to make a difference.

So I challenged myself to do three things today:

  1. Reach out to a women and offer direct help in a career move she is looking for. (Done, connected a candidate I know with a hiring manager who’s looking.)
  2. Educate myself on the International Women’s Day, the history, the purpose, and the actions we can all take. (Done, see these links if you also want to learn more: )
  3. Share my experience from this morning at the event. (Done, using this blog and also discussing with colleagues over lunch.)


International women's day

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  1. Lorraine says: Reply

    Sounds like it’s been a good day.

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