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Launched in 2016 as a community for girl geeks including students, girls working in geek jobs, and executive women who have been working in the technology field in their career.

If you love technology – from coding, system requirements, and project management to managing developers or infrastructure teams – or you are an executive leading and inspiring a large technology team, you’ll feel right at home here.

You’ll find posts on daily happenings in technology teams, inspirational leadership messages, and anecdotes on those moments of “I can’t believe this happened in my job”.

Geek girls aren’t one dimensional so in addition, you’ll find posts about travel and personal interests including food, fashion, and products we love.

We are here to provide a unique view for girl geeks – from the vantage point of a 30-year technology career (Kelley), and a young girl geek (Emma) just starting her professional journey.

Kelley’s been blogging since 2010 personally and professionally at her workplace, and Emma was about to start a blog after graduating with a computer science degree. We thought it would be fun to blog together, providing the perspective of a seasoned technology executive and a new-to- the-gig professional for you (our readers), and keep us connected during a time of personal change.

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Did we mention Emma is also Kelley’s daughter?

Girl geek hands
Girl geek hands

This is a personal weblog.  The opinions expressed here represent our own and not those of our employers.